Funny Mistakes Lawyers Make

legal mistakesSome of the mistakes made by lawyers can only be termed funny if not stupid. It is just hilarious to see that a person who has acquired a lot of knowledge in law can do a mistake that makes them appear illiterate. The worst part of it is that some of these mistakes are done in public. Some of the lawyers actually do not consider it funny or serious. As a matter of fact, they carry on with their activities as if nothing is the issue.

You can be assured of bursting out laughing when you witness some of the funny mistakes made by lawyers. However, you must hold back your laughter since it might be offending especially in the middle of court proceedings.

Here are some of the funny mistakes that lawyers make:

Gender Confusion
The truth is that a lot of lawyers make this mistake. It is pretty funny once a lawyer refers a lady judge as ‘my lord’. Normally, a female judge is termed as ‘your ladyship’. It actually beats a lot of people how you can confuse a male with a female. Unless the presiding judge bears traits that conflict with the opposite gender. Just a stipulation though.

Writing Down Contacts on A Paper
It actually beats me on how a lawyer can opt to write contacts on papers when they have one of the latest smartphones in their pockets. It further beats me to know that most lawyers buy ‘big’ phones yet they do not know how to operate them. Perhaps this is the reason behind writing contacts on papers, right?

It is only professional to write down your phone contacts in your phone as opposed to a mere paper. It is funny that some of the lawyers forget that they have other better facilities to store their information and end up embarrassing themselves.

Famous Legal Blunders

legal-judgeA lot of cases have been reported where lawyers and other law practitioners make very serious legal blunders. Some blunders are made unknowingly while others are just out of negligence. It is important to always note that lawsuits and anything else that revolves around legal matters is delicate and must be handled like so.

Out of the many legal blunders that lawyers make, there are those that appear common. Such blunders keep recurring over and over again. Actually, the common legal blunders are believed to be triggered by mere ignorance and negligence hence the recurring trend.

Here are among others the main legal blunders that most lawyers make:

Believing The Client 100%
One of the nest ways to handle any lawsuit is to avoid believing in everything that your client tells you. You must always work in line with your intellectual knowledge. Your knowledge should help you figure out when your client is telling lies. You must ask yourself the necessary questions before you believe what you have been told.

If you are handling a divorce case, then it is important to note that both parties have their own side of the story. You must not be biased or be compelled to favor one side simply because you believe what they say. False information is one of the core characteristics of lawsuits hence the need to avoid it.

Failure To Source Enough Information
There is no way you will handle a certain lawsuit without the necessary information. One of the prime mistakes that most lawyers make is thinking that they can handle a case with less information or evidence. This is actually the reason why most cases backfire on the client and the lawyer as well.

Like it is always said, ignorance is no defense. In this regard, you must not snub the fact that you will require a lot of information for a certain lawsuit. It is better to have enough information than face the risk of losing your case for lack of the necessary evidence.

Top Lawyer Mistakes

images5If you thought that lawyers are completely smart, then that is not so at all. Just like any other person in a different profession, lawyers make mistakes too. It is pretty dangerous for a lawyer to make a mistake in his line of duty. This is because a lot if people look upon lawyers when handling certain lawsuits and they do not expect any mistake.

Some of the mistakes made by lawyers usually impact negatively on their career. Note that law is a business just like any other hence silly and avoidable mistakes should not be made. Here are the main mistakes that most lawyers make:

I Will Charge You After The Case
This is one of the main mistakes that most law practitioners make often. Actually, amateur lawyers are prone to this mistake. It is important to note that you cannot predict the course in which your client’s case will take. This means that you might lose your money if you promise to charge your client after they win the case. Note that things can go south and you might lose the case. In such a case, it might prove hard to claim for your payment.

Pressuring The Claimant
It is important to note that a lawsuit must be handled delicately if everything must come out positively in the tail end. This means that if you do not handle the claimant in the right manner, the case might take the wrong course.

You must always remember that the claimant hired you to represent them in court as opposed to pressuring them. If you must get certain information from the claimant, then a very polite approach must be used. This is so especially in cases where the information required is offending or disturbing to the subject. As a lawyer, you must use a perfect avenue to approach everything.